About Iranian Diabetes Academy

The Iranian Diabetes Academy provides opportunities to find new ways to encounter to non- communicable disease specially diabetes to advantage both diabetes research and people with diabetes. The Academy committed to improving the health of patients and at risk people in the community and promoting the health care provider through research, education and advocacy. Also,  as a leader in diabetes issues, the EMRI Academy provides expert evidence at hearings, converses with governmental bodies, collaborates to establish national regulations, and develops position statements on diabetes issues.  Furthermore, the Academy will make a platform for both national and international fundraising activities to strengthen research, research training and educational activities in the field of diabetes. More details about the academy is available via http://ida.tums.ac.ir


Primary Objectives of Iranian Diabetes Academy


  1. To establish Iran Diabetes School in order to improve high-educated health care providers and diabetes care strategies and outcomes. (National Document on Diabetes, goal 2, 3 and 4).

  2. Providing national and international joint projects to improve the products and process related to patient outcome. (National Document on Diabetes, goal 2 and 3).

  3. To provide high-quality data on diabetes-related issues to stakeholders on the all aspects of living with diabetes (National Document on Diabetes, goal 2 and 3).

  4. To develop national diabetes registry system according to stockholder needs. (National Document on Diabetes, goals 1, 3 and 5)

  5. To develop collaboration between national institutes, research centers, Diabetes research network, NGOs and insurance companies and all other foundations to improve diabetes care. (National Document on Diabetes, goal 2 and 6).

  6. Sponsors projects for young scientists according to national diabetes roadmap (National Document on Diabetes, goal 3).

  7. Award for best activities in changing Diabetes


The Iranian Diabetes academy is hosted by EMRI, and is located at Dr. Shariati Hospital, North Kargar Ave, Tehran, Iran. The organizational structure of IDA encompass the scientific committees including “Research” and “Education” committee and “Management and Executive” committee which have been provide the technical and operational support to the Iranian Diabetes Academy. The IDA encloses the virtual centers containing “Virtual Research Department” and “virtual education Department” which has been monitors the main objectives of IDA through capacity building program and research and educational cutting-edge projects.

Virtual Research Department

The virtual research center offers a range of joint projects, academic programs, awards and links in support of diabetes care across scientific partners and networks.

Virtual Education Department

Education center of academy struggles to provide educational and supportive services to specialists they can obtain the skills needed to become productive individuals and contributors to their community.